Water Slide Rentals Your Kids Will Love!

Create a water park in your own backyard with our water slides.

Water Slide Rentals & Other Inflatables

As a child, was there anything more exciting than a water slide? Or a bounce castle? Many childhood memories are made on the water slide. Bounce houses provided hours of energetic fun when we were kids. The nostalgia of the smell of inflatable rubber on a hot summer’s day conjures up fond memories for many.

It could be that moonwalk bounce houses, water slides and other inflatables have been around for decades and still offer the same degree of fun to children now as they did when we were young. It was only a matter of time before someone thought, “Let’s make this better and add water!”.

Inflatable water slides have become a staple for many festivals, parties, and events. Bright and vibrantly colored water slides with their looming presence inspire squeals of delight from the moment children set eyes on them. To them, it symbolizes an afternoon of carefree bouncing fun.

In addition to creating priceless memories for your children, waterslides are a good way of making sure your kids get plenty of exercise. Call us to give your kids a day of joy today.

Inflatables to Rent

Wise Inflatables have several inflatables available for hire for your next family-friendly event.


  • Water Slides

Inflatable water slides are typically elevated on one side (unlike a Slip ‘n Slide). Children climb to the top and slide down the water stream all the way to the bottom. Some waterslides come with a mini splash pool at the bottom. In the absence of a splash pool, the bottom of the slide is long enough that children lose momentum before they reach the end and are then able to safely jump off, before running to the steps of the slide to have another go.

  • Bounce Houses

Bounce houses have been around for over 60 years and have stood the test of time. Tried and tested by millions of children, a bounce house never disappoints! Bounce Houses are a great option for younger children. The inflatable walls keep them safe and contained from falling off. The bounce house inflated floor cushions children from any falls or wild jumps. Various sizes and themes are available for hire

  • Inflatable Slide

Inflatable slides are similar to water slides, only they don’t have water. This makes them a great option if your event happens to fall in the colder months. The elevated slope of the inflatable slide promises an exhilarating drop from the top, speedily sliding down the slope. The edge of the slide has inflatable sides so that no one is at risk of sliding off.

  • Slip N' Slide

Nothing says “summer” like a slip ‘n slide. Unlike the water slide, the slip ‘n slide does not have an elevated slide. It lies horizontal, allowing children to take a run up and use the momentum to go slipping along the length of the slide. Some slip ‘n slides drop off into an inflatable splash pool while others are long enough so that children slow down on the slide before hopping off of the end.

  • Obstacle Course

Your child will spend hours running through our inflatable obstacle course. Kids can bounce their way through and have a blast. Fun, safe, and great for helping your kids wear themselves out. It’s like a goal oriented bounce house.

Why Hire Wise Inflatables?

Bringing joy to children is our passion, therefore our work is constantly rewarding. This is the motivation behind all that we do. We partner with our parents to provide the fun.

Give us a call when you are planning your next event and are in need of a water slide, bounce house, inflatable slide or slip ‘n slide – it’s guaranteed to contribute to the success of your event!

At Wise Inflatables, we promise you the following:

  • Professionalism
We will handle all the setup and takedown of the inflatable. Let us know what times suit you and we will be there – not a minute later.
  • Budget-Friendly Prices
The happiness of your child is important to us. We offer pricing that will not break the bank to give your children the experience they deserve and will remember for many years to come. Our range of low and high price rentals ensures that there is an inflatable for everyone
  • Cleanliness
 Hygiene and sanitization are crucial to our services. We clean all our inflatables before delivery and after removal.
  • Clarity and Communication
When making a booking with us, we will walk you through every step of the process. You will never have to feel as if you have unanswered questions or any degree of uncertainty. We will let you know of any requirements and what space is required for your inflatable.

Our Service Area

When it comes to bounce house rentals, water slides, and more, we want to cover as much of Northern Atlanta as possible. We're located in Winder, but we'll provide service to Hoschton, Jefferson, Braselton, Auburn, Dacula, and surrounding areas. Call us if you're outside of these cities and we'll talk about helping you create wonderful memories for your child.

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