Inflatable Slide Rentals Your Kids Will Love!

Create a fun park in your own backyard with our inflatable slides.

Questions We Typically Ask For Our Inflatable Rentals

We help you choose the right inflatable for your event by asking a few simple questions.

  1. How many children will be attending the party? Knowing how many guests are expected will help us recommend an attraction that will accommodate as many users as possible.
  2. What are the average ages of the kids? If small children will be in attendance, we can suggest attractions that will not be too large or appear to be scary to them.
  3. Will adults also be using the inflatables? If so, taller slides and larger bounce houses may be in order. We’ll have the perfect solutions for all of your guests.
  4. How much space will you have? The best way to determine where the inflatable should go is to measure the available space. We can then recommend a suitable inflatable. We also need to consider water supplies if a water slide or a slip-n-slide is requested.
  5. What is your budget? We want to make your child’s experience affordable, so we’ll work within your guidelines to provide the best options.

Wise Inflatables is quickly becoming the most sought-after inflatable rental company in north Atlanta. Why? It’s simple. We bring happiness to your child’s life and make it easy for you. Call us and let the fun begin.


Inflatable Slide Rentals Kids Love

Make your child’s dream come true by renting an inflatable from Wise Inflatables! Our attractions are perfect for birthdays, family gatherings, celebrations, or just good clean fun. Childhood is about making memories. Your child will have an amazing, one of a kind event with you, friends, and family that he or she will always remember.

We offer a variety of exciting activities for children of all ages.

  • Bouncy Houses

Children can jump, play, and have a rollicking good time in a safe environment that also strengthens their muscles and helps increase flexibility. Jumping is also a wonderful way for children to improve bone density and get all their wiggles out. They’ll never know it’s actually good for them! You can feel good too knowing that our bouncy houses are safer than trampolines because there is no steel framework. There will also be no pushing and shoving to get to the front of the line because no one has to “wait their turn.”

But what’s the best reason to rent a bounce house? Because they’re cool! They have a natural way of drawing kids in and making them want to join in the fun. No kid can resist a bouncy house.

  • Inflatable Slides

Our slides are easy to set up and don’t require much space. We’ll get your kids moving quickly and safely toward new adventures. Our slides are sturdy and can hold a child steady at the top. Give the gift of a joyful day. Your kid will want to spend all day on the our slides.

  • Water Slides and Slip-n-Slides

Besides renting dry slides, we rent water slides, slip-n-slides, bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses.

  • Slip N' Slide

Nothing says “summer” like a slip ‘n slide. Unlike the water slide, the slip ‘n slide does not have an elevated slide. It lies horizontal, allowing children to take a run up and use the momentum to go slipping along the length of the slide. Some slip ‘n slides drop off into an inflatable splash pool while others are long enough so that children slow down on the slide before hopping off of the end.

Around Atlanta, nothing cools a child off during the hot summer months like playing in the water. Our water attractions provide plenty of relief from the summer heat and other benefits your child won’t be expecting.

Water play helps children develop coordination, balance, and strength while interacting with other children to build on their social skills. Children don’t need to be at the ocean or in a large swimming pool to learn. All water play helps them grow and cultivate motor skills simply by moving with and through the water. Call us about our water slide rentals today.

Why Hire Wise Inflatables?

At Wise Inflatables, our focus is bringing joy to children. After all, we can’t think of a better way to spend our time. But that’s not the only reason to call us. We want you to have an easy day by taking care of the arrangements. We guarantee:


  • Professionalism
Our crews will always be there to set up and take down when we say we will. No exceptions.
  • Best Prices
Making your child happy shouldn’t break the bank.
  • Cleanliness
We ensure that our inflatables are clean upon delivery and removal.
  • Clarity and Communication
Working with us is simple. We communicate clearly and verify dates, times, and locations.
  • Safety
Our inflatables are meticulously cared for to provide the safest recreational equipment for your child.

Our staff is committed to providing a clean, safe, and fun experience for every event.

Our Service Area

When it comes to bounce house rentals, water slides, and more, we want to cover as much of Northern Atlanta as possible. We're located in Winder, but we'll provide service to Hoschton, Jefferson, Braselton, Auburn, Dacula, and surrounding areas. Call us if you're outside of these cities and we'll talk about helping you create wonderful memories for your child.

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